100 Apple Stores Closed due to the Unabated Covid-19 Pandemic

Apple Store palo alto

Apple has again closed a number of physical Apple Store stores in several countries. The number of Apple authorized stores around the world that are closed is currently nearly 100 stores. This time, store closings are focused on the state that is Apple’s headquarters, namely California, United States (US).

Apple Store palo alto

All physical Apple Store outlets in the area commonly known as “The Golden State”, which number 53, were temporarily closed, due to the increasing daily increase in local positive cases of Covid-19 (more than 53,000 cases).

Apart from the US, Apple also closed 2 Apple Store outlets, each of which is located in two neighboring countries, namely Mexico and Brazil. Close shop policies are also implemented in several regions in Europe. In England, for example, Apple closed 16 outlets, of which 15 outlets are located in London and 1 more outlet in Wales.

There are also 15 Apple Store outlets in Germany, as well as 3 official Apple stores in the Netherlands, which were also temporarily closed. It was not stated how long a number of Apple outlets will be reopened. What is clear, if calculated carefully, the number of Apple stores that are now not operating has almost reached 100 outlets.

Apple itself is known to have around 500 physical Apple Store outlets around the world. So, the number of outlets that are still operating now is around 400.

In the US alone, there are about 200 Apple Stores that are still open. Even though they are operating, the services offered by most of these stores are only limited to unit pickup services and consultation with scheduled Apple Genius technicians.

These two services can only be enjoyed by consumers until December 22, as compiled from Macrumors , Tuesday (22/12/2020) Even though they are limited and some shops are closed, consumers can still buy their favorite Apple products through the Apple.com site.

For information, a number of Apple Stores in the US have opened and closed many times as a result of the development of the Covid-19 pandemic conditions. Around mid-March, Apple decided to close all Apple Stores located outside of China, which also affected the US.

From May to June, a number of Apple Stores in the US are slowly being allowed to operate. However, Apple reminds users that the outlets they open may close again following local regulations.


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