Chat contents on WhatsApp can now be transferred to Telegram, Here’s How

telegram and WA

Since WhatsApp announced a new privacy policy, users have started to switch to using other applications. One of the targets of the exodus was Telegram. However, not a few WhatsApp users have postponed their move to Telegram for fear of losing their conversation history on WhatsApp.

telegram and WA

That’s why Telegram created a new feature that allows users to move conversation history from other instant messaging applications, including WhatsApp.

Through its official blog, Telegram said that this new feature can be used by Android and iOS users. With this feature, WhatsApp users can move the contents of their conversations, both individual and group chats .

“Starting today, everyone can move their chat history, including videos and documents, to Telegram from other applications such as WhatsApp, Line and KakaoTalk,” wrote Telegram. To move chat contents from WhatsApp to Telegram, users simply need to follow the steps below.

For Android users, first of all, open the chat on WhatsApp that you want to move to Telegram. Then press the three dots button in the upper right corner. Then, select “More” in the message settings menu, then click “Export Chat” as shown below.

move to Telegram

Meanwhile, for iOS users, the method is similar. The difference is, to access the “export” menu on WhatsApp, users must enter the info page or chat profile in question. After that, the steps taken are the same as moving WhatsApp chat on Android. We also tried this feature and it can be used.

Summarized from the Telegram Blog, Friday (29/1/2021), after being transferred successfully, the chat history that has been imported will be given a special label in the form of “imported” information, as a sign that the message comes from a different service .


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