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Epic Games Give away Free Games for 15 Days, Here’s the List

Epic Games

Every week, Epic Games (Epic) often distributes 1-2 free games to users, through the Epic Games Store game distribution platform. Now, to celebrate the holidays and year-end moments, the makers of Fortnite are presenting a different free game sharing program, titled “15 Days of free Games!”.

Epic Games

As the name suggests, Epic will free one game every day for the next 15 days, starting from December 17 to December 31. Users themselves are given 24 hours to claim one game that is being free.

On the first day, for example, users can claim a city building simulation game called Cities: Skyline . The game can be claimed from 23.00 WIB last night, until 23.00 WIB tonight. Once claimed, the game will be stored in the user’s library and can be downloaded and played at any time.

Apart from Cities: Skyline , Epic itself has not spit out any games that can be claimed for free the following day. However, according to rumors, there are a number of popular games that may be candidates for free Epic, such as The Witcher 3 , Fallout 4 , Horizon Zero Dawn , to Hitman 2 .

However, this is not necessarily accurate. Because, Cities: Skylines is not mentioned in the rumored list of games that Epic will provide for free.

Epic Games free games

Apart from that, users who are interested in claiming these 15 free games can download the Epic Games Store application first at the following link.

Once downloaded and installed on their respective computers, users can log in or create an Epic account, then visit the “Store” menu and go to the “Free Games” view, as shown in the illustration above.


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