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Google Search Can Show 50 Virtual Animals via Augmented Reality

Google AR

Google provides augmented reality (AR) facilities to see various animals virtually, just by typing keywords on its search engine site. In time, the number of these animals increased. There are about 50 new animals that can be seen through Google AR. This was announced by Google in a tweet via its official account on Twitter.

Google AR

“Search for your favorite animal on the Google mobile application, then press” View in 3D “to view it in the surrounding room,” tweeted Google.

Through this feature, virtual animals will appear in search results when users search for certain types of animals, such as cats, dogs, bears, pandas, penguins, hedgehogs, squirrels, tigers, and others.

How to find them is quite easy. First of all, go to the main Google search page and enter the type of animal in the search field. For example, type an animal with the keyword “Tiger” . After that, Google will display various search results related to the animal in question.

googe augmented reality

As compiled from Engadget , Monday (14/12/2020), later in the top search results an AR card will appear with the name “Meet a life-sized (Tiger) up close”. If you want to place the virtual animal into the “real world”, the user can simply click “view in your space”.

Then, allow Google to access cellphone cameras and animals and then it will appear virtually in front of the user via the camera application. 3D images of these animals can be moved, photographed, enlarged or reduced, and are able to move and make a roar that sounds similar to the real thing.

This AR feature relies on the ARCore system coupled with a camera module and motion sensor to bring up objects in three dimensions. ARCore itself is embedded in the Google Play Services for AR application which only supports the Android 7.0 operating system (OS) or later.

The application can be downloaded at the following link. Meanwhile, for iOS-based devices, ARCore can run on iOS version 11 and above. A complete list of phones that can display this virtual animal can be seen at this link .


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