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New Malware Can Insert Trick Links in Internet Search Results


Microsoft recently managed to identify a new malware called Adrozek. This malware specifically targets browsers running on Windows devices such as Chrome, Edge, and Firefox to make money.

Malware illustration

The trick is to insert tricky links in search results on the internet that are carried out via a browser. When clicked, the fake link will redirect the victim to sites containing advertisements.

“The attackers ( malware creators Adrozek) earn money through affiliate advertising programs , the pay is based on the amount of traffic diverted to linked sites,” Microsoft wrote in a blog post about Adrozek.

This malware puts advertisements on search pages by modifying the Dynamic Link Library or DLL files to change browser settings , including shutting down the security system and automatic updates .

Adrozek malware

In addition to making money from advertising, Adrozek can do something more dangerous, namely stealing login information from Firefox. Androzek can also be used as a platform for further cyber crime.

Adrozek is distributed via a drive-by download mechanism that automatically downloads malware files to a PC when a user visits a malicious site.

At the peak of its spread last August, Microsoft said Adrozen was infecting more than 30,000 devices every day, as compiled from PC Magazine, Friday (18/12/2020).

Fortunately, the Microsoft Defender antivirus software installed by default on Windows 10 can detect and ward off Adrozek. Those whose browsers are already infected are advised to reinstall the browser in question.


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