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Online Shopping on Instagram Can Now Chat with Sellers via WhatsApp

Online Shopping on Instagram

Instagram has released a new feature to simplify the online shopping process on its platform. This feature allows business Instagram account owners to link their WhatsApp number directly in their Instagram profile.

Online Shopping on Instagram

With this feature, potential buyers on Instagram can directly contact the seller via WhatsApp via a special button without the need to save the number. Later, users will find a new button listed on the seller’s Instagram account profile page. When the button is clicked, the user will be automatically redirected to the WhatsApp application.

There, users can immediately start conversations with the sellers. Before this feature was present, business Instagram account owners could only include their phone number and e-mail on their Instagram profile page.

Initially, buyers who wanted to contact the seller could only send messages via Direct Message on Instagram or via phone calls and e-mails.

According Pieter Lydian, this feature is expected to help MSMEs and business people in marketing their products, especially during a pandemic. “Through this feature, we hope that customers can connect with the businesses they like more easily and quickly so they can speed up the transaction process,” Pieter said

Before you can use this feature, there are several steps that must be taken by Instagram business account owners. They must first add a Whatsapp button to their business Instagram profile.

First of all, the business account owner can visit the Instagram business account page and select the Edit Profile option. Next, select the Contacts option then add the desired WhatsApp number.

Then, Instagram will send an authentication code. Enter the code so that the Instagram business account can automatically connect with your WhatsApp account. Instagram business account owners can also unlink Instagram accounts with WhatsApp.

The method is quite easy. In the WhatsApp application, open Business Features and go to the Settings menu. Select the Linked Account option then select Instagram. Select the Unlink option to remove the link between your Instagram account and your WhatsApp account.


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