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Redesigned, Facebook is Hiding the Number of “likes” on Pages

new FB Page design

At the end of last year, it was reported that Facebook would hide the number of likes, as is planned to also apply to Instagram. The plan was finally realized up after overhauling design at Facebook Pages. The new design is scrolled more simply with the aim of making it easier for users to navigate.

new FB Page design

In this update, the total number of likes that a Page has is not displayed, but only the total number of followers and accounts that are following only.

One of the reasons for removing likes on Facebook Pages is because there is a misunderstanding in interpreting popular pages that are calculated based on the number of likes, not followers. With the number of likes lost, the only parameter of a Facebook Page’s popularity is the number of followers.

“Unlike likes, followers on Pages show whoever receives new information from Pages, which is a strong indication to public figures about their fan base,” wrote Facebook in its official blog.

Often a hotbed of misinformation

Not only eliminating the number of likes on Pages, Facebook also added several other features. Like sharing photos or videos that will disappear by themselves in 24 hours, like Facebook Stories There is also a new feature that allows admins to host questions and answers on their Pages.

In addition, Facebook will also provide a special News Feed to suggest trending public figures, Pages, groups and content that Pages or public figures may be interested in.

Compiled from Cnet, Thursday (7/1/2021), Facebook Pages are also often a hotbed of misinformation, spam, hoaxes and other dangerous content. Facebook says they are currently getting better at eliminating negative content, fake accounts and phishing , but did not specify the extent of success.

Facebook will also prioritize comments from verified accounts marked with blue ticks, to make them easier for users to see. Facebook said the design changes on Facebook Pages will begin rolling out across Facebook Pages in the next few months.


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