“Retweet” on Twitter Can Now be Hidden, Here’s How

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Twitter has finally released one of the features that its users have been asking for. From now on, users can hide the Twitter retweet of accounts that followed. During this time, retweets from accounts the user is following will appear on the timeline.

twitter illustration

Many users feel annoyed with retweets from these accounts, but not a few also find it helpful, because they feel they still have relevance. Therefore, users can set their own retweet from accounts who would like to hide and which accounts retweet- it still wants to be seen.

“If you like a tweet from an account, but do not like retweets, you can disable it,” wrote the Twitter Support account. How to hide certain account retweets is also quite easy.

If you find an account whose retweet is annoying, open the account’s profile, then click the menu icon which is denoted by a three point (“…”). Then, select “turn off retweets” / “turn off retweets”.

Compiled from the official Twitter blog, this arrangement is not reciprocal (two-way). This means that if the account follows you, your retweets will still appear in the timeline.

Retweets you did before hiding will also appear in your timeline. From our monitoring , this arrangement can only be done through the mobile version of the Twitter application on Android and iOS, and it is not yet available on the desktop version.

However, tweets that have been liked by the accounts we follow will still appear on our timeline. Several Twitter users have requested that this feature be removed by Twitter. So far, Twitter has not provided an option to hide tweets that you like. Maybe someday.


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