Robot Maker Boston Dynamics Acquired by Hyundai

Boston Dynamics

South Korean automotive manufacturer, Hyundai Motor has reportedly acquired a robot development and manufacturing company, Boston Dynamics. Although it has not been officially confirmed by Hyundai, it is said that the acquisition value reached US $ 921 million.

Boston Dynamics

The acquisition is carried out in line with the agreement and steps taken by Hyundai Motor Group Chairman Chung Euisun since taking office in October.

In November, industry sources said that Hyundai Motor had engaged Goldman Sachs as legal advisor to take care of the Boston Dynamics acquisition process, as compiled from Extreme Tech.

Hyundai itself is known to have invested heavily in robot technology in the last few years and plans to invest up to US $ 1.4 billion in the robotics industry in 2025. The acquisition of Boston Dynamics is also likely to encourage a number of new initiatives that Hyundai will develop in the future.

Once owned by Google and SoftBank Boston Dynamics was founded in 1992 by Marc Raibert, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This company is engaged in the design and development of robotic devices. In 2013, Boston Dynamics was later acquired by Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc.

Four years later, Google finally sold Boston Dynamics to telecommunications company SoftBank in 2017. Some of the robots that have been developed by Boston Dynamics include BigDog, Spot, Atlas, Cheetah, WildCat, and others.

The robots made by Boston Dynamics are known to be able to walk and run fast, real living things. In fact, most of them have advanced abilities with mastery of moving over rough or uphill surface terrain. Spot, for example, is a dog-like four-legged robot that can run and walk up hills and stairs.

Spot robot action is arguably similar to a real dog. Meanwhile, BigDog is a four-legged robot developed by Boston Dynamics together with the US military research division, Darpa. According to the manufacturer, this canine robot can be used to perform military tasks such as search and rescue , mapping, or inspecting disaster sites.


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