Samsung Attempts to get back on the Line of “300 million mobile phones” by 2021

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South Korean cellphone vendor Samsung is preparing a new plan and strategy to pursue its cellphone delivery target in 2021. The South Korean manufacturer has reportedly set a target of sending 300 million units of cellphones and smartphones by 2021.

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This was done by Samsung to improve the decline in the number of cellphone shipments this year, which is predicted to not reach the target of 300 million cellphones. This is the first time Samsung has experienced it in nine years.

The cause of the decline was none other than the Covid-19 pandemic which “infected” various industrial sectors around the world, including the smartphone industry.

So, what strategy is used by Samsung to get back on track again by sending 300 million cellphones a year, just like before the Covid-19 pandemic?

Various strategies have been prepared by Samsung, such as selling flash sales , discounts, or bundling with other products. According to industry sources, Samsung Electronics has set a target of sending 307 million units of mobile phones by 2021.

Of the total 307 million cellphones, 287 million of them are flagship smartphones , while the rest are entry-level phones . The source also said that in 2021, Samsung plans to increase its mobile phone sales target by about 14 percent higher than this year.

As a reference, at the end of the third quarter of 2020, Samsung had shipped around 189.4 million mobile units worldwide. That figure is still low if you look at the target projected by Samsung in the fourth quarter of 2020, which is 270 million cellphones.

Of the cellphone variants that will be made, Samsung will produce around 49.8 million high-end cellphone models, which include the Galaxy S21 series, and a line of foldable smartphones by 2021.

It is also predicted that 5G-based mobile phones in the middle-range and low-end classes will contribute greatly to the growth of Samsung cellphone shipments.

Around 6 million foldable cellphones will also be produced by Samsung in 2021, including the old and new models that will be launched in the second half of 2021. Of the 6 million foldable phones, half are the Galaxy Z Flip 2, which is predicted to become the most popular foldable smartphone by 2021.

Apart from flagship phones , Samsung will also release mid-range and entry-level 5G phones such as the Galaxy A32 and Galaxy A22 variants. Both are rumored to be present in the first and second half of 2021.

Overall, it is estimated that around 237 million units of the Galaxy A and M series will be shipped in 2021, as compiled from Korea IT News , Wednesday (12/30/2020). However, Samsung is not willing to provide detailed information regarding the strategy it will use to achieve the mobile phone delivery target in 2021.


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