Steam Survey: AMD Starts Chasing Intel

AMD Ryzen

Two chip manufacturers from the United States, AMD and Intel, often compete for the largest market share for processor ( CPU ) products. Over the years AMD, has not been able to race Intel. However, the company that Lisa Su leads is slowly starting to catch up.

AMD Ryzen

At least that is according to a survey entitled “Steam Hardware & Software Survey” which is released monthly game distribution platform, Steam. In a survey last November, it was stated that Steam users using AMD CPUs are now listed at 26.91 percent, an increase of 6.4 percent over the same period last year.

The number of Steam users who use Intel CPUs itself is actually still more than AMD CPUs, which is around 73.09 percent. However, users, when looking at the graphic illustration above, seem to have gotten sluggish in the past year, instead of crawling up like AMD.

So, what makes AMD CPUs more attractive to Steam users? According to reports, this has been driven by a pandemic forcing users to look for cheap hardware components. Consumers also choose to buy AMD CPUs which are known to be more affordable than Intel-made CPUs.

In addition, the fabrication technology carried out by the two companies is also alleged to be a consideration for consumers to buy CPUs. Currently, AMD’s Ryzen series processors are manufactured using 7nm fabrication. For example, the latest Ryzen 5000 family made using the new architecture, Zen 3.

With this architecture, this processor is claimed to be 26 percent faster to play games than the previous generation (Zen 2), and 16 percent more capable of processing intstructions per cycle (IPC).

Meanwhile, Intel’s most advanced processor from the Tiger Lake family is still made with a 10nm fabrication dubbed “10nm SuperFin” as summarized from Toms Hardware, Tuesday (8/12/2020). So, it is only natural that consumers choose a CPU with a smaller manufacturing rate, because it is usually more capable and power efficient.

The survey results also stated that most Steam users apparently did not choose a graphics processing card (GPU) made by Intel or AMD for visual performance.

As many as 73.9 percent of Steam users are said to be still “comfortable” with GPUs made by Nvidia, especially the GeForce GTX 1060. However, it should be noted that this survey does not list all Steam users registered on the platform.

Steam collects this hardware component data from a number of users who fill out surveys on a voluntary and anonymous basis. Steam also did not reveal how many users actually participated in the survey, as well as the number of users using Intel and AMD processors.

In addition to the CPU and GPU, Steam also records a variety of other hardware components that are most widely used by Steam users who participated in the survey. These various data can be seen in full at the following link.


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