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Telegram Now Has a Voice Chat Feature Similar to Discord

Telegram application

The Telegram short message application again gets the latest updates from the developer. Through this update, users Telegram has the ability to make voice calls ( voice chat ) in the group. This feature has been present in the latest version of Instagram for Android and iOS.

Telegram application

Different from group calls , the voice chat feature on Telegram is basically almost the same as the voice chat feature that Discord has. Instead of making phone calls to all group residents, this feature provides a virtual room within the group. Through this room, users can communicate verbally with each other directly, as if they were on a call.

The voice chat feature on Telegram comes with an interactive menu. To join the voice chat , users can press the “Join” menu which is located below the group name. When entered into a virtual room, users can see the number of participants who have joined and are currently talking in this feature.

As long as they join this feature, users can also send messages and stickers to each other in the chat group. To make voice chat calls, group admins can access the group profile and click the “three dots” menu. Furthermore, admins can select the “Start Voice Chat ” menu to start making voice chat calls within the group.

Especially for Android users, Telegram also provides a floating widget feature similar to Discord. Thus, users can easily control all voice chat activities, even when they are doing other activities such as playing games or opening Instagram social media.

Uniquely, the voice chat feature can be used by thousands of participants at once. Thus, this feature is claimed to be used to hold large events such as conducting online work meetings.

Not only available for the mobile version of Telegram, the group voice chat feature can also be accessed via the PC version of Telegram.

Besides presenting the voice chat group feature , Telegram has also made a number of updates to its sticker feature. The animated stickers available on Telegram will come in a smaller size, which is less than 50 KB.

Meanwhile, Android users can now import Telegram data to a memory card so they can save on storage usage on their cellphones. Users also received 18 new emoji animations that were present in this update.

Especially for iOS users, Telegram has now begun to integrate with Siri, so that the virtual assistant can be ordered to read out incoming messages. To access the Settings menu and select the Notifications option. Next, click the Announce Messages option and set the Telegram option to On.

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