Tips for Choosing a Cellphone to Play Games

Choosing a Cellphone to Play Games

Playing games via smartphones is now a routine activity for some people. To play games with graphics quality and fast performance, of course, you need a capable smartphone device, especially in terms of hardware. Smartphone vendors are now competing to create mobile phones that can accommodate gaming needs.

Choosing a Cellphone to Play Games

What aspects should be considered when choosing a cellphone for playing games ? To simplify consumer considerations, we share a number of tips about that. The details are as follows.

RAM and internal memory are relieved

RAM is used by the phone to load applications – including games – that are run. To ensure the game can run smoothly, RAM capacity must be sufficient. Meanwhile, the internal memory is used to store game installation data . The bigger the capacity, the more applications and games that can be stored.

Large battery capacity

The battery capacity is one of the main factors that determine how long the phone can last. This becomes more important when the cellphone is used to play games. Because the game application drains cellphone resources. The use of battery power also increases so that the device low batts faster.

In order not to run out of power quickly, choose a cellphone that has a battery with a capacity of at least 4,000 mAh. It would be even better if the cellphone also supports fast charging capabilities to shorten battery charging time.

Wide screen, high resolution

A large screen with high resolution will certainly make the game display clearer and more stunning. A Full HD Plus resolution cellphone with a 6.4 or 6.5 inch screen is one of the options that can be selected to make the game atmosphere look more detailed.

Powerful System-on-Chip

System-on-Chip (SoC) is like the main machine in a cellphone that processes all data, audio, and graphics so that it determines how fast the device performs, including in running games.


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