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What Is Malware and How Can You Prevent It?


Malware is software created with the intention of entering and sometimes damaging computer systems, networks, or servers without the owner knowing. The goal is of course to damage or steal data from the device that is entered.


How Does Malware Work on Websites and Computers?

On websites malware is often distributed via plugins or themes, whereas on desktop devices malware is spread through software or program code. The following are possibilities that can be used to spread malware on a system or website.

1. Website


Today, there are many plugins offered on various sites to maximize the functionality of the website. Not infrequently these plugins have very interesting features and are quite easy to manage a website.

But you need to be careful when using plugins, let alone using pirated plugins. It could be that the plugin has been compromised by program code that can damage your website. So use a trusted plugin and always update your plugin version to a newer version.


Apart from plugins, most malware is spread through pirated themes. The offer of attractive themes but cheap and even free makes many people are not careful in choosing a theme.

Use a paid or premium theme, not a theme taken from an untrusted site. You can also use free themes provided by official providers. Although it does not guarantee 100% security, at least you have reduced the risk of getting malware a bit.

Desktop Devices

When using a desktop device and want to install software you need to be careful in executing the program code. It could be that the application you downloaded is an application that has been infiltrated by malware in it. When executed, the malware will automatically spread in the system.

Not infrequently in the program code there is a backdoor that is used to give access rights to malware authors so that they can access the system remotely.

How to Get Rid of Malware?

There are several things that can be done to remove or fix malware that has already spread in the system. In this article, we will discuss how to fix malware on WordPress and on a computer or desktop device.

How to Fix Malware in WordPress

1. Overcome Malware Using Wordfence

You can use how to remove malware in WordPress by using Wordfence. Wordfence is a plugin found in WordPress that is used to perform a virus scan and clean it. This includes an enterprise anti-virus service that you can use for free.

We’ve created a guide to using Wordfence to remove malware on WordPress. You can follow the guide in the article how to remove WordPress malware with Wordfence .

In addition to using Wordfence you can also use several other security plugins such as BulletProof, iThemes, All In One WP, and so on.

2. Overcoming Website Pages “ The site ahead contains malware ”

When you open the website you suddenly get a message “The site ahead contains harmful programs Error” or “The site ahead contains malware”. It could be because there is malware that infects the website. Of course this page will eliminate a lot of incoming traffic if not addressed immediately.

We’ve already made a guide related to how to deal with malware like this, you can access it through the article how to get rid of the site ahead contains malware page .

Overcoming Malware on Computerware

Sometimes the source of malware appears from the desktop device used. Because some users or users often develop websites through local computers which are then uploaded to the website server using an FTP connection.

Before being uploaded sometimes malware has entered a website folder or file. After uploading malware more and more and spread. So, before uploading website files make sure first that there is no malware in it.

There are several ways that can be done to overcome this, namely by scanning for malware or examining one by one the files contained in it. Look at the files one by one to make sure there are no suspicious files.

If you’re using Windows, you can follow powerful steps for dealing with malware quickly in the article 7+ How to Get Rid of Malware and Tips to Avoid Malware .


Malware can be a dangerous cause for websites. Not only disrupt the running system, malware can also steal important data, change it, and even control the existing system.

Although malware is very easy to spread in the system, it can be prevented beforehand. The trick is to periodically scan for malware and check if there are suspicious files.

This article regarding what malware is, hopefully provides the information you are looking for and can be a reference for securing the website you manage.

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