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Zoom Prepare E-mail and Calendar Services, Want to Compete with Google?


Zoom is the prima donna of this year. The Covid-19 pandemic, which is changing the way humans interact, has made the use of Zoom increase sharply. Despite dominating the video conferencing service market , Zoom seems to be looking for ways to expand their services.


Recently Zoom reportedly is preparing a new service in the form of e-mail and calendar. According to The Information report, the web – based e-mail service prepared by Zoom will be tested as early as early 2021. As for the calendar service, it is not known whether this service is already in the development stage or not.

Zoom was reluctant to comment on the news. Zoom itself is not a single player in the video conferencing industry . Some big names like Google and Microsoft also have similar services.

The difference is, Google and Microsoft have more complete services, including e-mail, calendar, and other productivity services wrapped in a package. Google sells all of these services in Workspace packages (a replacement for G-Suite), and Microsoft with its Office 365 platform.

So, Zoom’s decision to develop these two services may be the right step, as summarized from The Verge, Sunday (27/12/2020). The Information report also indicated that Zoom wanted to create a similar “complete package” belonging to Google and Microsoft.

This year, the video conferencing service provider from the US is indeed growing rapidly, even its share price has even increased by more than 500 percent. In the third quarter (Q3) 2020 financial report, Zoom earned US $ 777.2 million.

This number increased significantly by 367 percent or nearly four times, compared to the same period last year. Overall, Zoom’s net profit for the quarter was 198.4 million US dollars. Meanwhile, gross profit fell 66.7 percent.

This achievement is because almost a quarter of the world’s population has been advised to work from home due to the pandemic. However, if people start working again from the office, there’s a chance Zoom will have a hard time keeping its business in the market.

So it is only natural that Zoom decided to expand to e-mail and calendar services in order to become a “complete package” like Google and Microsoft.


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